Today we did a live test of the new equestrian sensor platform. This test performed with of the re-developed ReinCoach together by our own test athlete Jenny Schreven on the lovely horse Hargenta, a.k.a. Harry.

FreeSense Solutions came to our centre today to have the new prototype of the ReinCoach tested being a building block of an entirely new and powerful sensor platform.  The cool thing is that the platform has very strong connectivity features and data streaming capabilities, making it much more reliable and practical for use in large equestrian arenas. We decided not to use the fancy wireless charging anymore, because to be honest, it just wasn’t practical when you want to hang up your bridle. We all know that taking the reins off from the bridle is just something we rather do not do as equestrians.

Next to that, there are many more improvements and features, but more information on that in the near future. One thing you might have noticed, is that we talk about “sensor platform” from now on. Meaning, we can easily use this base configuration to also connect other sensors. SO, be ready for lots of interesting data coming from your horse riding sessions!

The health and well-being of our team and their relatives is very important. Therefore, we took all RIVM advice to heart, complied to the hygiene and safety prescriptions and kept the 1.5 meter distance. If not more actually.