We are an expertise and innovation centre for the equestrian sports.
We operate in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines:
Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing.


We are in the industry together! Right here, at EquInnoLab, we research, we help create, we innovate and we sustain.


Our aim is to innovate the sport with sustainability in mind. That’s why we believe that sport is a priority and science is a means for progress.


Together with our team, we bring knowledge to the sport, innovate and focus on the performance of the horse and the rider.


The equestrian sport is a team sport where teams are made of two athletes. And everything we do is in service of the sport, involving breeding, raising, caring and keeping the horses.


As an innovation centre that has steadily established a prominent place in the equestrian industry, we can help you. Being a certified partner in the Sportinnovator network we are a gateway for every person or company that wants to take part in innovative development of the equestrian industry.

Whether you have an innovative idea, you want to enter the market, you want to co-create a product or service, you have a product that needs testing or you just want to participate in the research, becoming our partner is the right step towards making a difference.

Our centre is a research institute and a fieldlab with a strong network. When becoming our partner you automatically become a part of our innovation network, which involves unions (such as federations), businesses (services and products), sport professionals and researchers from a wide variety of knowledge institutions.

You want to innovate in the field or grow your product? Then let’s make it happen



Completion pilot study on talent recognition

Completion pilot study on talent recognition

The thesis period of our intern Kim Koopmans unfortunately came to an end last week. Nevertheless, she finished a really interesting project with great potential for the future. A short insight in the results and continuation of the pilot study are described in this...

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Equine Climate Chamber

Equine Climate Chamber

The purpose of the project is to research athlete physiology related to climate and training effort, and to design and demonstrate how a climate chamber can help sport horses adapt to climate differences when travelling to different climates to participate in...

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Validity 2D motion analysis system

Validity 2D motion analysis system

The purpose of this research is to demonstrate whether the EquInnoLab. 2D measurement system is valid and, if necessary, how the validity can be improved. We have developed a 2D marker analysis system which is a technologically functional system. However, we want to...

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