On March 3rd 2021 our team travelled to the KWPN headquarters in Ermelo to take the first measurements for the KWPN talent scouting project.

During this day we measured 30 horses (both showjumping and dressage horses) who were stabled at the centre for a performance test; the so-called EPTM test. We mirrored the setting of a regular studbook inspection where horses are evaluated on confirmation, then presented in-hand at walk and trot, and finally assessing the free movement/jumping. All these aspects were measured by our high-speed camera’s which we’ve set up to be able to integrate in future studbook inspections.

The purpose of this day was twofold: Firstly to start collecting data. By measuring 30 horses we’ve gathered a large amount of data which we can begin analyzing. We can then relate our findings back to the scores of the inspectors, which we can use to make new conclusions regarding an objective scoring process. This insight allows us to optimize our marker model so that we can ensure we measure all valuable properties of the horse.

The second purpose of organizing this measurement day, was to observe the practicalities of integrating our measurements during the regular KWPN studbook inspections. For example we looked at the timing of the required activities, the communication between different stations, how to best keep track of the recorded data, the functionality of components when used large-scale, and of course safety measurements regarding both the people and horses involved. The goal is to seamlessly integrate our methods and techniques while maintaining the nature of the well-known studbook inspections.

It was a very successful day in which we gained significantly worthwhile information and it was great to be able to work with the wonderful team at KWPN. Now comes the task to analyse the data and work towards the next step in this amazing project!

Update 14-04-2021: Click here for the link to the news post about this day on the KWPN website (dutch only).