With this project we are working together with KWPN to integrate the EquInnoLab. MOTION system with the goal to improve and support the process of scouting talent in young showjumping and dressage horses.

We are proud to announce this project as a continuation of the project performed last year, “objectifying horse talent scoring with optical motion analysis”. That project proved to be a huge success and we are now ready to take the next step together with the Dutch studbook, KWPN. With our previous project, we had developed a marker model for the EquInnoLab. MOTION system and performed a pilot of several horses to test the applicability. The results were great, however, as with all trials, there is always something we can do better.

This project goes back to the conclusions from our first pilot study and re-evaluates the marker model to make several needed alterations. The main goal is now to perfect this model and our system which we will do through repeat large-scale measurements. Collecting data, data, and more data… that is what we require in order to determine the validity and significance of our model. To gather this essential data, we will perform measurements at several upcoming KWPN inspections.

Once we have collected our data, we can go on to analyzing and comparing the data. With more data we hope to gain a better insight into the meaning behind the numbers. For complex movements that consist of multiple aspects, the formulas need to be further developed. Besides data, conversations with KWPN experts are necessary to give us the required feedback and indicate problem areas. This partnership means we have a chance to learn from each other and work together towards our common goal: improving the talent identification process of young horses.